Orthodox monastery of st. Gorazd
in Hruba Vrbka

Dear pilgrim,

Our monastery is consecrated to the Holy Martyr Gorazd, the renewer of the Orthodox faith in the Czech Lands of the 20th century. He was a bishop of Bohemia and Moravia and he died 1942 during the 2nd world war as a martyr. The monastery was founded in 1992 in the birth place of this new-saint. It is situated in a picturesque village of Hrubá Vrbka on the hills of White Carpathians few kilometres from the border between Czech Republic and Slovakia. Originally, the monastery was leaded by our Reverend Father Cyrill, which, as schi-archimandrite, bear the highest monk blessing of the Orthodox Church. The monastery of Saint Gorazd is a monument of an important Czech personality, bur also a monument of a critical moment of the Mid-European history. For every guest, our monastery is a place of quiet and spiritual peace.

Our monastery is situated in the village of Hrubá Vrbka in the district of Hodonín. You have to drive to Veselí nad Moravou, than turn to Blatnice pod svatým Anonínem and than, to Velká nad Veličkou. From there you drive by a local road 3 km to Hrubá Vrbka. You can also take the train via Veselí nad Moravou to Velká nad Veličkou and from there the bus. Before your arrival, please contact us by phone or by e-mail in order to by awaited by us!


Pravoslavný monastýr svatého Gorazda
Hrubá Vrbka 194
696 73
Czech Republic

Phone: +420776730812

Bank Account: 105681471/0300, IBAN: CZ55 0300 0000 0001 0568 1471 , BIC (SWIFT): CEKOCZPP

E-mail: serafim.t@seznam.cz